7 Awesome Songs to Learn Swedish Through Music

You read a thousand times that consistency is key in order to master a language. You built your own study routine and you stick to it regularly. Yet, sometimes you cannot bring yourself to open the grammar book or to practice vocabulary with one of your study apps. We all have those days and it’s ok! Every once in a while you can take a day off, just make sure it doesn’t become a week and then a month off.

Luckily there are many fun language activities that you can fit into your day. Music is one of my favourites. Don’t underestimate the benefits of listening to songs in your target language! It’s a great way to make expressions and vocabulary stick without you putting an effort into it.

Songs to Learn Swedish Through Music

Here are some songs to start exploring music in Swedish. It’s a beautiful and very melodic language and I think it sounds wonderful, don’t you agree? All the videos below have lyrics, so you can sing along and learn new vocabulary.

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And if you just can’t get enough of music awesomeness here is a Spotify playlist in Swedish I update regularly with new findings. Check it out!

Om du lämnade mig nu – Lars Winnerbäck feat. Miss Li

Goliat – Laleh

Jag kommer – Veronica Maggio

Jag saknar dig mindre och mindre – Melissa Horn

Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja – Raymond & Maria

Lyckliga gatan – Anna-Lena Löfgren

This one will be very familiar for all the Italian readers!

Tusen bitar – Björn Afzelius


A beautiful version of Tusen Bitar in the lovely soft voice of Maia Hirasawa.

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Do you listen to any Swedish music? Do you have any artist to recommend? I am always happy to discover new songs, so let me know in the comments!

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