Mini tips: how to schedule language learning with Asana

I’m not too bad at setting focused, reacheable language goals, but I’m not as good at sticking with them. How come? Even a month is too long for me to keep track of. I constantly have so many things to do, so many ideas to put into practice, so many projects I want to work on. I keep jumping from a task to another and when it comes to staying concentrated I’m a walking disaster. Sounds familiar?

I only recently discovered Asana, a website that helps you scheduling stuff. It’s easy to use and has a pleasant design – big plus because who doesn’t like pretty things. Using this tool I found the simplest way to trick myself into doing my language studies properly. You can check how to get started with the basics in their introduction video.

how to schedule language learning with asana

How to schedule your language study with Asana?

With Asana you can create different projects and split them into tasks and subtasks. I have one named Language learning with three tasks, one for each language I’m studying. These are due on the last day of the month.

Then I created as many subtasks as the language activities I planned for the month. Just one item for each activity is fine, even if you plan on doing it every day.

Now you have to pick a day for your activities and set your tasks to repeat. As my monthly goal was to study one lesson a week on this will repeat every 6 days (so maybe I can squeeze in one extra session).

This way you can see on your calendar when you have to complete each activity to stay on track. Even if I have a few overdue tasks I can keep an eye on these and make sure I don’t leave too many study commitments behind.

Scheduling my language learning this way I find it much easier to be disciplined and I get a little energy boost every time I mark an activity as complete. Oh, and did I mention the celebration animals jumping up your screen when you write off a task? Rainbow bonus!

Do you also find it hard to organise your language goals in the midst of a busy life? What strategies do you use to stay focused? Let me know in the comments!



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