You heard the noise about fast fluency and speaking from day one, but you feel about as talkative as Ryan Gosling in Drive.
You’re not after fast results, but you enjoy the process of studying itself, without pressure.

You love learning languages, but sometimes you’re caught up with stress.
Sharing your goals doesn’t make you feel accountable, but as if you were underachieving.
Finding lots of new resources doesn’t inspire you, it overwhelms you.
Speaking from day one, when your grammar is still a mess, is a definite no.
You’re super self-conscious and overthink everything.

Sometimes you feel like language learning triggers your anxiety. It’s time to make it into your way to unwind, instead.

I’m Elena Gabrielli, introvert, grammar geek and proud Ravenclaw. :)
I teach Italian and beginner Japanese online to introvert students who need a safe place to learn, before jumping into the real world and start speaking.
I love all things grammar, so be prepared for some rules and verb tenses!

How did I get here?

I have been living abroad, first in Kyoto, then in London and now in Lund, Sweden, for 5 years and counting, all while struggling with anxiety. Sometimes I would worry so much, my brain got blank and I couldn’t think at all anymore.

What saved me from getting crazy? Meaningful connections, shared laughs and language learning. And enough me time, of course.

When my head was so full of ideas I thought it would explode, I grabbed my Swedish textbook and did lots of exercises on plurals. Or practised Japanese kanji writing page after page of them. Language learning became my way to unwind.

Now I want to share the magic with you. Anxiety doesn’t have to be an obstacle to learning a language, but it can be your motivation for it. Introversion is not something to be ashamed of, but it can become your biggest strength.

In case you’re wondering...
Hitoritabi 一人旅 is a Japanese word that means “solitary journey”. Because alone time is awesome.

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