Aaaargh, anxiety!

One of the worst things to wake up to.

And it's not just horrible in itself, it can affect your language learning, too.

Maybe you feel like you're not good enough, you're not studying as much as you should, you can't speak as well as you would like.

Unfortunately, you can’t make anxiety disappear with a wave of a magic wand (yet!), but you can search for patterns and recurring causes.

Little by little, you can try and implement strategies to ease your discomfort.

To help you keep overwhelm out of language learning, I created the Anxiety Kit for Language Learners.

anxiety kit

It tackles five problems that could affect your studies:

  • Setting goals that are too rigid;
  • Resources overwhelm;
  • Wasting time;
  • Underestimating your achievements;
  • Lacking insight into your studies.

It comes with a beautiful playlist of instrumental, contemporary classical and jazz music I made just for you.

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