Learn to learn Japanese

For beginner learners


Is there a way to put into practice the exercises on particles and kanji you’ve been filling your notebook with?

And can you do so without collapsing under a mountain of resources or getting lost in a dark wood of anxiety?

Of course you can.
Time to make it happen.


This program will help you to:

  • Implement a solid learning routine.

Avoid long and exhausting study sessions followed by days of inactivity - and the feeling of self-reproach growing from that.

  • Focus on a few resources.

Get rid of the clutter, so you won’t feel like you have so many it’s impossible to pick one.

  • Regularly produce content in Japanese.

Weekly train your writing and speaking skills in a comfortable environment. It’s just you and me and I promise I won’t get offended if you study in your pyjama.

  • Unlock the power of mistakes.

Change your mindset about mistakes by using them in your favour. This way, you’ll be gradually able to accept them as part of the learning process.

What do you get?

  • 1 30-minutes session to discuss your main struggles and where you want to be at the end of the program
  • Monthly study schedule to actively fit some study in your regular routine
  • Resources and tools recommendations
  • 1 assignment per week with writing and speaking prompts + vocabulary lists
  • Weekly 50-minutes strengthening sessions to put into practice what you learnt by yourself + discuss any questions or doubts.


Your investment:

4-weeks program: 180€

12-weeks program: 450€

Do you have any questions to ask me before applying? Get in touch.