Learn Italian online with me!

You are in love with Italy: its melodic language, its fascinating culture, its delicious food, its beautiful landscapes. Maybe you're even in love with an Italian! 

You want to be able to communicate but you're still lacking the confidence you need. You tried to study by yourself but you feel like you're not making enough progress. You're interested in learning about Italian language but also about Italian people. Does this sound like you? 

If you have been looking for a flexible way to learn all things Italian at your own pace, then you're in the right place. I believe that language and culture should always go hand in hand and that the learning process doesn't have to be difficult and boring. With my online lessons we can make it fun and engaging instead! 

I use tailored study materials created with your goals and needs in mind, but also your interests. Wouldn't it be great to learn how to talk about topics you actually care about? And if you have something coming up - a trip to Italy, a job interview or meeting the in-laws - we'll focus on that.  

I'm not going to be just a teacher, we will be teammates in this. I will not only teach you but also hold you accountable for your progress and help you find confidence. I can't wait to see you becoming awesome at Italian and I'll be cheering you all the way!

So are you in? You can book a 30 minutes trial lesson for 5£ to get to know each other and have a taste of my teaching style, or you can contact me for info at elena[at]hitoritabi.it.

Bespoke online lessons involving all four skills: reading, listening, speaking, writing. We will discuss your goals and create a study schedule to help you achieve them. All lessons and materials will be carefully chosen to meet your needs and interests. 

Includes: personal Google Drive folder with full editing and commenting rights, homework, corrections, lesson materials.
Optional: lesson recording.

Book 10 lessons and get one for free!


For you who are willing to put some extra studies in between sessions and progress faster. In addition to bespoke online lessons you will have the chance to get additional practice and corrections during the week.

Includes: everything you get with basic lessons + personalised vocabulary file, deck on Memrise to practice your vocabulary, correction of 1 writing piece and speaking practice in between lessons (max 300 words and 30 seconds).

Book 10 lessons and get one for free!


Conversation on a pre-chosen topic related to culture, traditions and current events. If you would like to talk about something different or you have any subject you are passionate about do let me know and I will be happy to accommodate your requests.

For intermediate and advanced students.

Includes: personalised feedback email on how to improve your speaking skills.

Book 10 lessons and get one for free!


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