Language learning, anxiety-free 

When you feel overwhelmed by language learning, the idea of starting a study session makes you want to sob.

Let’s not even mention producing something in the language. You’re already feeling itchy, aren’t you?

Take a deep breath. I got your back.

I teach Italian and Japanese to introverts looking for a safe place to learn and practise in, before jumping into the real language world.

But I prefer to say that I guide you through the overwhelm while you learn to learn without anxiety.

I believe that the only infallible way to make progress in language learning is to consistently put time and work into it. There are no magic spells to get there without effort. Where’s the fun in taking a shortcut, anyway?

Ready to build some solid roots and to thrive in language learning?

We will be great together if:

  • You’re motivated and willing to put time into assignments and reviews, but you want to learn without pressure
  • You want to “learn to learn” by yourself
  • You’re a bit of a grammar geek.

We won’t be the best match if:

  • You’re looking for miraculous hacks to make you fluent in a couple of months
  • You expect to learn only through online lessons, without studying consistently on your own
  • You’re scared of grammar, rules and tenses.

Learn to learn Japanese

A program to build strength in your language learning muscles.

For beginner Japanese learners.

Learn to learn Italian

A program to build strength in your language learning muscles.

For beginner to upper intermediate Italian learners.

Learn to learn Taster

A 1-week appetizer to my Learn to Learn program. Get a taste of online learning and of my teaching style.

For beginner Japanese learners and beginner to upper intermediate Italian learners.

Free - The Anxiety Kit for language learners

A workbook that will help you tackle 5 common sources of anxiety for language learners.

your teacher

Hi! I’m Elena Gabrielli, introvert, grammar geek and proud Ravenclaw :)

I’m here to help you learn Italian or Japanese without pressure, in an anxiety-free environment. Learn more about me here.
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