For us quiet learners, speaking is the hardest part.

Create a speaking practice habit that doesn't drain you

Find new ways to talk using the skills you enjoy the most: reading, writing and listening.

A free 5-day email course to discover new ways to practice speaking effectively without overwhelm.

Hi there, quiet language learner

I’m Elena, introvert, grammar geek and proud Ravenclaw. :)

I help introvert and anxious language learners find a way to start speaking, one baby step at a time.

To get there, we take the scenic route through the quiet learner’s favourite activities: reading, writing and listening.

I chose this path because I believe that language learning shouldn’t be anxiety-inducing when it can be a way to unwind.

Here at Hitoritabi, we embrace slow learning and consistent practice.

We kindly stretch our comfort zone to expand our language learning playground and start speaking without feeling awkward.

So get in your pyjamas and grab a cup of tea. Welcome!

What do you want to learn first?

New ways to talk

A free 5-day course to start practising speaking through your favourite activities: reading, writing and listening.

Language learning tips

On the blog, I share my tips and my experience as an introvert and anxious language learner.

Learn with me

Let’s find new paths to start speaking about the things you care about (without feeling awkward).

What my students say:

I really enjoy my weekly lessons with Elena. Learning a language can be challenging and at times frustrating and anxiety-inducing, but Elena has a very encouraging teaching style and is always patient and upbeat. The lessons are tailored to me, my learning pace and language goals, and I find that the combination of reading, conversation, and listening exercises we work through together really helps me to understand new grammar points in context.  My Japanese has definitely improved since starting with Elena, and I would highly recommend her to those interested in learning the language.

Lucy, current Japanese student

Japanese: love and hate is what you feel at the beginning of the learning journey with this language that you can only fall for, in the end. Luck is finding someone who can help you, teaching but also supporting you through those moments of doubt I think we all go through. Thank you Elena-sensei for helping me discover and love this country and language that, with your help, always gets more interesting. After every lesson I’m looking forward to beginning the next and discover more, always more! Arigatou gozaimasu.

Ana-Maria, current Japanese student