Sometimes we feel lost. Build your own compass and hold on to your language learning path (even on darker days).

Use the power of reflection and discover ways to continue learning when your life is a mess.

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Hi there, quiet language learner

I’m Elena, introvert, grammar geek and proud Ravenclaw. :)

I help introvert, highly sensitive and quiet learners to make language learning into a tool for self-care and to keep anxiety out of it.

Together, we are going to use the power of reflection and creativity to find some relief in darker days, through language learning. 

I chose this path because I believe that language learning shouldn’t be anxiety-inducing when it can be a way to unwind.

Here at Hitoritabi, we embrace slow learning, imperfection and consistent practice.

We kindly stretch our comfort zone to expand our language learning playground and embrace a study routine that feels good.

So get in your pyjamas and grab a cup of tea. Welcome!

What do you want to learn first?

Language learning compass

A free 4-day course with reflection prompts to help you hold on to your language learning path, even on darker days. 

Language learning tips

On the blog, I share my experience as an introvert, highly sensitive and anxious language learner and my tips to make language learning into a tool for self-care.