your language learning


A workbook to help quiet language learners build strong roots and blossom.

Welcome reflection and creativity to
Embrace imperfection
Let go of anxiety
Be positive about your language learning.

Every person - and every language learner - is different. 

Find the path that can take you a long way and build resilience for your learning journey.

Become your own guide.


Cultivate is a workbook with tips, questions, prompts and cheat sheets designed to welcome reflection and creativity into your language learning practice.

What's inside?

With my own doodles - to remind you that imperfect is OK!

The workbook is divided into 4 parts:

  • Reflection: to build a solid foundation and recognise your strengths
  • Practical tips: to stay organised and keep overwhelm out of the way
  • Facing fears: to gently work on overcoming your insecurities
  • Expanding: to greet creativity into your language learning routine.


In each chapter, you’ll get introvert-friendly tips and inspiration and then a practical part including:

  • Reflection questions and prompts to make your language practice feel right for YOU.
  • Cheat sheets to plan your language learning adventures and expand your comfort zone.
  • Trackers and planners to cultivate healthy learning habits.

Some of the topics you'll explore:

  • Building solid foundations: your why and goals.
  • Finding focus and preventing procrastination.
  • Facing sense of guilt and negative self-talk.
  • Challenging perfectionism and fear of making mistakes.
  • Embracing creativity in language learning.
  • Practising speaking - by yourself and with a conversation partner.
  • Using language learning as a tool for self-care.

Is it right for me?

This workbook is for you if:

  • You want to keep anxiety out of your language practice - and make language learning into a tool against anxiety.
  • You'd like to embrace a slower, more mindful approach to language learning.
  • You're ready to take responsibility for your own language practice.

Ready to work on leaving negativity out of your language learning practice?

Get the workbook for 15€ (+ VAT if you are in the EU) and it will fly straight to your inbox.

This workbook is a little gem. It's a workbook you want to slowly and mindfully use for your learning, best while cozying up in your favourite armchair. If you're an introverted / anxious learner, you might have found that the "exciting, fast, loud" learning is not only putting you off, but also making you feel "you're not good enough". The Cultivate workbook shuts the noise and the overwhelm outside, giving you permission to be you, learn in the way you want to learn and use your language learning with creativity and self-care. Elena's Cultivate workbook comes from her own story; she wrote it with lots of love, like caring for a delicate flower that is blooming. 

Danae Florou, Greek teacher at

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