Japanese conversation explorer

For beginner learners who want to start having a conversation without panting and sobbing

Learning Japanese makes you happy.

Textbooks are your best friends, kanji repetitions soothe your nerves. Reading and writing are your favourite activities.

But when you start speaking, your mind blocks and words won't come to you. It’s like you forget everything, vocabulary and grammar structures.

You want to communicate, not just mumble some goofy scripted phrases and then get anxious about not speaking better.

It's all a mess.

Start with the things you can do

To expand your Japanese conversation skills, start with what you love and feel comfortable doing.

Expand your Japanese conversation is a 4-week individual programme that helps you have a conversation in Japanese without panting and sobbing.

What do you get?

  • 1 weekly assignment with reading, writing and listening exercises. You'll use these as prompts for your speaking practice.
  • Cultural insights about the Japanese language and life in Japan.
  • Comments and corrections on your assignments in your personal Google Drive file.
  • 1 weekly 30-minute live session with me to practice what you learnt.


What will you learn?

Learn words and expressions that are relevant to you and strengthen your vocabulary by using it in context.

Raise your cultural awareness - no more embarrassing faux-pas and awkward moments.

Discover new ways to practice speaking before actually talking to the natives.


Talk in a safe, comfortable environment and strengthen your speaking muscles. This way, you'll get ready to take the leap towards a full conversation.

No more deer-in-the-headlights look whenever you try to say something in Japanese.


Your investment

4-week programme: 180€.

What do people say about learning with me?

“I really enjoy my weekly lessons with Elena. Learning a language can be challenging and at times frustrating and anxiety-inducing, but Elena has a very encouraging teaching style and is always patient and upbeat.” Lucy, current Japanese student.


“Luck is finding someone who can help you, teaching but also supporting you through those moments of doubt I think we all go through. Thank you Elena-sensei” Ana-Maria, current Japanese student.

Is it for you?

This programme will help you if:

  • You are an introvert or anxious learner who struggles with speaking Japanese.
  • You are a beginner who already knows hiragana and katakana and you have at least some basic grammar knowledge.
  • You are willing to put time into your assignments every week.

Do you have any questions to ask me before applying? Get in touch.