Japanese speaking discovery

For beginner learners who want to create a regular speaking routine that doesn't drain them

Learning Japanese is a joy, so how come when you think of speaking you get that suffocating feeling? It’s like your speaking skills are chapters behind your reading and writing.

You have learnt some words and grammar from your resources, but when you try to recall them during a conversation… nope.

You know that you’re supposed to practice, but you’re unable to even start practising speaking. Applying the things you have learnt in an actual conversation feels impossible.

Let’s help you get past this mental roadblock and create your own Japanese speaking routine.


Re-think speaking

The idea of talking with a native speaker makes you want to hide.

But you can learn a lot by starting to speak to yourself - when you know how to start.

Explore your Japanese talk is a 4-week speaking programme that guides your speaking practice through reading, writing and listening prompts.


What do you get?

  • Every week, you get 3 mini-tasks in your personal Google Drive folder. You will use reading, writing and listening exercises as prompt to start speaking.
  • You send me your recordings and get feedback on Google Drive.
  • Learn new words and use them in context to make them stick in your memory.
  • Start speaking Japanese regularly by yourself, in a way that feels comfortable and doesn’t spur anxiety.

Are you ready to start using your words and grammar structures out of textbook mode?


Your investment

4-week program: 55€

Is it for you?

This programme will help you if:

  • You are an introvert or anxious learner who struggles with practising speaking in Japanese.
  • You are a beginner who already knows hiragana and katakana and you have at least some basic grammar knowledge.
  • You are willing to put time into your assignments every week.

Do you have any questions to ask me before applying? Get in touch.