What if... we could turn language learning into a tool for self-care?

Together, we can learn how to do just that.

Language learning compass

A free 4-day email course that will help you keep the languages you love in your life on bad mental health days.

What you get:

  • 1 worksheet with reflection prompts (Google Drive file + printable)
  • 4 emails to guide you through the journey
  • an invitation to a small supportive community of quiet learners like you.

Cultivate your language learning

A workbook for quiet language learners who want to get their roots strong and blossom.

Introvert-friendly tips + questions, prompts and cheat sheets to help you keep anxiety out of language learning through the power of reflection and creativity.

Your friendly guide

Hi! I’m Elena Gabrielli, introvert, grammar geek and proud Ravenclaw. :)

I help introvert, highly sensitive and other quiet learners who want to make language learning into a tool for self-care and to keep anxiety out of it. Together, we are going to use the power of reflection and creativity to find some relief in darker days, through language learning. 

Learn more about me here.