Find new ways to talk

Free 5-day speaking course for introverts and quiet learners

Crawling up with your favourite blanket, a cup of tea and your beloved language textbook sounds like your ideal afternoon. 

But when it comes to speaking…

Sweaty hands. Short breath. Your brain goes blank.


You can read, write and understand, and grammar is your guilty pleasure.

But when you try to go beyond preplanned sentences, you start mumbling and want to hide under your bed.


Let’s find a way to practice speaking by yourself while exercising the skills you’re more comfortable with

- reading, writing and listening.

What do I get with this free course?

  • One exercise a day for five days
  • Use reading, writing and listening tasks as speaking prompts
  • Build a speaking routine that doesn’t drain you
  • Practice new words and make them stick
  • Start speaking without anxiety

How does the course look like?

  • Day 1 - Start speaking through reading.
  • Day 2 - Start speaking through writing.
  • Day 3 - Start speaking through listening.
  • Day 4 - Document your progress.
  • Day 5 - Bring your new skills out in the world.

Ready to find new ways to talk?